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Holiday Groups in Luxembourg City

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

The Berlitz Holiday Groups are a smart, fun and instructional alternative for your kids’ vacations. They are encouraged to speak the new language all the time, and learn in an exciting environment that promises memorable experiences. Our proven Berlitz Method® enables a safe and reassuring experience, even for beginner levels. Participants are totally immersed in the language.

Learn while having lots of fun

The language classes are divided in groups according to the age and level of the participants. The materials are selected with the kids in mind and native teachers focus on their specific interests and strengths, guaranteeing an optimized learning experience.

Contact your local Berlitz center for more information on our Holiday Groups.


Our hotline phone number:

+352 26 38 32 48

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am to 19:30 pm


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