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Refresh or perfect your language knowledge

All languages, from 7 years

Our Berlitz Center in Luxembourg City offers a year-round tutoring program that allows kid and teenagers to upgrade their level, improve their language skills or prepare for the next school year.

The formula "school support" in summary:

  • Refresh or perfect your language skills
  • Development of oral and written comprehension and expression
  • Revision and acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical structures
  • Confidence and practice of the target language with greater ease
  • Revisions and deepening of lessons learned at school
  • Fast progress
  • Maximum flexibility in the organization of the lessons (dates, times)


Benefits :

  • Receive the exclusive and permanent attention of your teacher
  • Course content perfectly adapted to your level and your objectives with the possibility to update it at any time during the training
  • Experienced trainers specialized in teaching children and teenagers


Do not hesitate to contact the nearest Berlitz Center for more information.


Our hotline phone number:

+352 26 38 32 48

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am to 19:30 pm

Berlitz Center

Language school Luxembourg

89-93, Grand-Rue Entrance
14, Rue Beck

1661 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 38 32 48