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Thanks to our preparation courses, we can help you be ready to take on internationally recognized language exams.



Cambridge: preparation for KET (Key English Test), PET (Preliminary English Test), Cambridge First Certificate, Certificate of Advanced English. The various Cambridge English exams are now recognized and accredited around the world and are approved by some 15,000 institutions around the world (employers, universities, governments) as proof of language skills.

TOEFL: This certificate is a prerequisite for admission to many English-speaking universities, especially in the United States and Canada. Many authorities in North America also require this test before issuing a work permit, and many employers will only agree to hire a foreign national if they have this certificate.

IELTS: more than 1.4 million people prepare each year for a professional stay or a move abroad with the IELTS exam, which is internationally recognized. Universities and colleges, especially in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, require it as a prerequisite for admission and many professional bodies require it when granting a work permit.


Before you decide to take a Goethe exam, we assess your current level in German using an oral test at our premises. We then help you choose the test that best suits your goals and language skills. Once we have determined together which exam you need to take, we prepare you for it by offering flexible and effective private instruction. In this way, you quickly acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary for excellent preparation for the Goethe exams.

We offer preparation courses for the following exams:




If you want to study at a French university or work in a French-speaking country, the DELF, DALF and TFI diplomas confirm your language skills.

DELF: the DELF diploma is officially recognized by the French Ministry of National Education as proof of French language skills. The DELF exam has four CEFR levels- A1 to B2

DALF: the DALF exam can be considered as the "big brother" of the DELF. It tests the same skills, but at the higher levels of the CEFR: C1 and C2. This diploma is often a prerequisite for entering French-speaking universities.


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  • We help you choose the right test and level for your needs.

  • We offer highly effective individual preparation with adequate support and learning materials.

  • Flexible schedule

  • Lessons can also be given online

  • Individual instruction offers optimal preparation

  • We familiarize you in advance with the structure of the exam and its different parts

  • You work with a Berlitz teacher who knows the ins and outs of each exam

  • You can start lessons at any time



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