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The steps of a successful application process

Find out about the workflow of applying at Berlitz

Applying for new jobs is a difficult process, and Berlitz respects the time and effort you put into finding a position that suits you. Thus, Berlitz gives every application the attention it deserves and nevertheless responds quickly to those looking for jobs at Berlitz. Once you have successfully submitted your appication, the process moves on to three different interviews - one per telephone and two in person - before you take the step of signing a contract.

An overview of the Berlitz hiring process

Once you have applied to one of the positions listed on our job portal or once we have received your speculative application send to your local language center, our HR team will then carefully review your documents. These should include a cover letter and a complete resume. It is important for us to see why you are interested in Berlitz, what qualifies you for the vacant position and what you might expect of us as an employer.

If you are a suitable match for the vacant position, you will be invited to a telephone interview. This initial conversation is an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other better. You can use the opportunity to explain what motivated you to apply at Berlitz, why you are looking forward to a new professional challenge, what you see as your core strengths and what you might expect from us. This is also perhaps a good time to address things such as your starting date, salary expectations and any other question you may have about the position.

You are convinced that you would be a good match to the Berlitz team and so did we? Then, we are looking forward to meeting you in person at Berlitz. The interview will be held at the center for which the opening was advertised. Naturally, this means you will have a chance to meet your potential new boss. The aim of this meeting is for both parties to get a personal impression of one another and to ensure that both parties have realistic expectations of each other. We welcome you to ask any questions you may have. After the meeting, it’s decision time – for us and you!

Do you have any questions or are you ready to apply? Contact your local language center for more information.


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