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Improve your language skills with private face-to-face lessons combined with self-study online

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling uncomfortable and stressed out at work because you don’t fully understand the language being spoken around you. Do you ever experience scenarios like these in your workplace? 

  • You don’t fully grasp what’s happening at meetings and miss key details needed for your work tasks
  • You can’t effectively express your ideas or collaborate with co-workers meaning your true value is wasted
  • You’re scared to speak up in meetings in case you make a mistake and look foolish in front of your co-workers
  • Your clients, co-workers or boss don’t understand you because of embarrassing errors made by phone or email

But it’s not only problems at work that require a brush up on language skills… 

Perhaps you plan to relocate abroad but you have no knowledge of the native language? Or do you want to expand your business into new international markets but your language skills are holding you back? Or maybe your loved-one is from abroad and learning their native tongue will strengthen your relationship? 

Whatever your motivation for learning a new language; our Face-To-Face Aligned With CyberTeachers course is the ideal way to improve your language level and boost your confidence fast––especially, if you need the flexibility to fit with your busy work schedule and active social life.

Improve your conversational skills and language comprehension with a personalized, one-to-one lesson program in combination with self-study online using our award-winning e-learning platform––CyberTeachers.


Tailored to your personal situation

Our experienced language trainers will choose course content for your face-to-face lessons to align with your individual learning goals––as stated by you––at the start of the course. This assures you will learn in situations that reflect your real-world experiences, so you can immediately practice your new-found language skills in real-life scenarios.

For your self-study lessons online, our award-winning e-learning platform––CyberTeachers––will guide you through the first steps necessary to give you a solid foundation in your target language. This combined with your face-to-face lessons guarantees that the content and vocabulary you will learn will be directly related to your specific situation––meaning you will make relevant and significant progress fast and soon be able to apply it in your own workplace.


Immerse yourself in your target language with the Berlitz Method®

At the core of the Berlitz Method® is total immersion in the target language with a laser-focus on speaking and conversational skills; not the usual boring grammar and tedious written exercises like with many other language courses.

Our unique approach means you will immediately learn to think and speak in your chosen target language. After only a few lessons, your confidence in speaking will increase and you will be able to communicate your thoughts to your co-workers and clients clearly and effectively––banishing the previous inhibitions and fears that were holding you back.


GB English

(Levels 1-8)

FR French

(Levels 1-6)

ES Spanish

(Levels 1-6)

DE German

(Launching soon)


How does our Face-To-Face Aligned With CyberTeachers course work?

The course format combines self-study online with private, face-to-face lessons at your Berlitz Center in Luxembourg.

  • The combined course format allows you to prepare for your face-to-face lessons by first completing the relevant e-lesson chapter.
  • You can then follow up on your face-to-face lessons with further e-lessons to reinforce your learnings. 

Once you have successfully completed each e-lesson chapter, you can progress to the corresponding chapter of the face-to-face lessons. Note you must complete each e-lesson chapter before the face-to-face lessons are activated.


Learn faster and more effectively by combining face-to-face lessons with self-study online

Combining self-study online with face-to-face lessons is the most efficient and effective method to learn a language fast.

  • This approach accelerates your learning because it allows for self-directed digital learning first––to prepare you and to grasp the basics
  • This is followed by face-to-face instructor interaction where you can clarify any uncertainties and ask any questions.
  • After your one-to-one lessons, you can consolidate your learnings online before progressing to the next chapter.


Self-study online lessons

  • 30 self-study e-lessons using our online learning platform––CyberTeachers
  • 3-months unlimited access to CyberTeachers
  • Prepare for your face-to-face lessons with self-directed learning online
  • Flexible lesson schedule – you decide when and where your online lessons take place


Face-to-face lessons

  • 30 face-to-face lessons of 45-mins each
  • Your own private language instructor motivated to give individual support and attention
  • Personalized language program – content tailored to your professional industry, personal goals or interests
  • Flexible lesson times – you choose lesson times that fit in with your work and social calendar

All learning materials are included and fully adaptable to your stated learning objectives.


What is CyberTeachers?

CyberTeachers is our award-winning e-learning platform used by millions of Berlitz language learners every year. It has been designed with you, the language learner, in mind with thousands of learning scenarios to suit all levels, industries and job roles. It allows you to learn at your own pace and at your desired level.

  • You start with an online linguistic audit to determine your proficiency level and learning profile
  • Get a tailored e-lesson plan to suit your individual needs: vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, expression
  • Get a personalized lesson plan according to your specific occupation, interests and learning objectives
  • Get regular emails with flash lessons to improve language competencies
  • Benefit from unique language tools to help you achieve perfect pronunciation
  • Works seamlessly from your laptop browser, tablet or mobile app


Benefits of our Face-To-Face Aligned With CyberTeachers course

  ✓  Learn faster by combining individual face-to-face lessons with self-learning online

    Get 3-months unlimited access to e-learning platform––CyberTeachers

    Get a personalized learning plan in line with your individual situation & learning goals

    Set your own online lesson times to fit around your existing work schedule

    Guaranteed to be actively speaking over 50% of your face-to-face lesson time

    From the beginning, you will think and speak in your chosen language

    Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning

    100% based on the Berlitz Method® used at all of our Berlitz centers

  ✓  Competitively priced lesson packages and flexible payment options


Who is the Face-To-Face Aligned With CyberTeachers course ideally suited to?

  • Expats recently relocated to Luxembourg; struggling to effectively communicate at work that need flexible lesson times
  • Professionals who will soon relocate abroad and need to learn the native language
  • Professionals seeking to expand business opportunities abroad that want to maximize their chance of success
  • Dedicated boyfriends or girlfriends seeking to learn the native language of their loved-ones


Who will be teaching the Face-To-Face Instruction?

  • Native-speaking, dedicated and motivated instructors prepared to take your language skills to the next level
  • Fully qualified and certified instructors with a passion for languages, culture and learning
  • Patient, enthusiastic, friendly and warm teachers eager to keep you engaged and give you constructive feedback
  • Supportive educators to give you the assistance and encouragement you need to reach your learning goals


Where do the courses take place?

Our courses take place in purpose-built, professional language schools; easily accessible by public transport and by car with parking facilities close by. You can choose from many locations across the world most convenient for your situation.

  • Our Center in Luxembourg: 89-93 Grand Rue in Luxembourg City Center.


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If you need to learn a new language and want the flexibility to learn at your own pace, our Face-To-Face Aligned With CyberTeachers course is the ideal solution. Whether you’re having difficulties communicating at work, want to expand your business into international markets, or simply want to learn for personal reasons; our experienced team will give you all the support and feedback you need.

Our online e-learning platform will prepare you for your face-to-face lessons while our dedicated language instructors will give you one-to-one instruction and create a personalized learning plan to boost your confidence in conversation and language comprehension.

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