• Kids & Teens Courses at the Berlitz Center

Kids & Teens Language Camps

Learn the fun way!

Whether for the youngest children or slightly older - early language training always pays because kids are language geniuses. Learning English, Dutch or another second language in a playful way is not only great fun for them, but also a great opportunity. Your children will enter a new language world either in small groups with up to six children, or one to one with a private tutor.

Language Learning with Fun for Kids & Teens

Give your children the advantage of exploring a whole new world by learning a foreign language with Berlitz. Your child will learn languages once a week, after school in small groups up to six children or one to one with a private tutor.

Whether you want to broaden your child’s horizons or deepen their cultural connections, Berlitz can help open the doors to a larger world for your children. Put your child in a position to grow with language lessons from Berlitz.

Learning progress at Berlitz Kids and Teens Camps means first and foremost:
Berlitz Time Zones features
  • Speaking more freely and fluently
  • Improved pronunciation
  • Improved listening comprehension
  • A larger active vocabulary
  • Greater assurance when applying grammatical rules
  • Confidence and motivation to learn
  • Quicker learning success, even for beginners
  • A greater fun factor