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Special program for Winter

BERLITZ MINI - Language courses for kids aged 4 to 5 years

Children have facilities to learn new languages. Our language program for children aged 4 to 5, Berlitz Mini, highlights these natural predispositions. During these innovative and fun language lessons, children learn to speak and interact with ease. The courses are based on the Berlitz Method and the latest educational studies in language learning. At Berlitz, classes are held in a stimulating atmosphere because it is by having fun that children learn the most! The program takes the form of group classes organized by trimester, during the school year and holidays.


Understand how children learn

In our increasingly international society, learning a language and understanding a new culture is an important asset. And the sooner the bases are installed, the better. Our teachers are specially trained to teach children. They use playful methods, creative stories, songs and games to stimulate the child's imagination by teaching them to speak naturally. Learning the language is then relevant, accessible and fun!

The Berlitz Mini program is a real experience for your child. Do not wait any longer and contact us at (+352) 2638 3248 to discover the opportunities available to you.

Highlights of the program
  • Learn through stories, games, songs and exciting activities 
  • Focus on oral expression 
  • Speak with confidence 
  • Enable children's natural abilities to learn languages
  • Languages: French, English, German


The Berlitz Mini program is organized quarterly and therefore has three intakes per year regardless of the current level of your child. What is included: a 45-minute session per week for a group of 3 children maximum. Classes are taught during the school year and holidays in our Berlitz Center in Luxembourg City.

Register without delay ... The number of places is limited to guarantee personalized attention to each participant.


DatesTimeLanguagePrice in €
From the 04th of January until the 29th of March 202215h15 - 16h00French & English and German590€
From the 19th of April to the 12nd of July 202215h15 - 16h00French & English and German590€


We must have 2 participants of the same level to start the group lessons.

Feel free to make an appointment at (+352) 26383248 for personalized advice, and send all your questions to kids@berlitz.lu


Our hotline phone number:

+352 26 38 32 48

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am to 19:30 pm

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