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Geschickte Verhandlungsführung

Skillful Negotiation

You need more than good arguments to be a good negotiator in a world where content and context are becoming increasingly complex and competition ever more intense. This seminar offers you a professional set of tools for strengthening your own starting position and bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion. You refine your own negotiating style and learn how to use fair persuasion strategies. You also practice holding your own in tough negotiations and exposing tricks and manipulations on the other side. Intercultural aspects are explained, so you know how to deal with counterparts from abroad. As a result, you become a much more composed and confident negotiator.

Target group:
Self-employed, managing directors, buyers and sellers, specialists and executives.

Seminar Content:

  • Negotiating expertise: understanding principles
  • Negotiating techniques: arguing strategically
  • Questioning techniques: asking purposeful questions
  • »Dealing fairly«: the four pillars of the Harvard Principle
  • Manipulation: exposing tricks and concealed motives
  • Intercultural differences: persuading people Worldwide