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Berlitz Business Seminare

Sales and Customer Management

Good sales staff have to be truly multi-talented. Some success is down to natural ability, but a far greater role is played by tools and professional experience. This seminar offers an intensive look at the elements that make the crucial difference in sales. Psychological conversation management provides a sound basis. This involves seeing things through the customer's eyes, dealing with different types of customer, arousing interest, and correctly interpreting questions and reservations. Realistic sales situations are simulated, and all phases of the sales conversation are practised. You learn in a practical manner how best to enter sales situations, how to present products and services professionally and how to achieve a result more quickly. You also develop an authentic style because it is particularly important that, as a salesperson, you come across as »genuine«.

Target group:
In-house and field sales staff, self-employed, sales talents and anyone wanting a career in sales.

Seminar Content:

  • How to transform a contact into an appointment
  • Why you reach your goal more quickly by listening actively and asking questions
  • How to attract, convince and retain customers
  • How to set and achieve sales targets.