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Teams aufbauen, entwickeln und führen

Team Management in a Global Context

Successful companies have a worldwide presence, with their employees working together in international teams. Diversity brings new opportunities and builds strength. The more global the company, the more diverse the employee and customer structures. Modern networks are opening up undreamt- of dimensions, and virtual teams are in vogue. The task of managing such complex staff structures is a highly demanding one. This seminar makes you ready for remote management. Special intercultural training and numerous practical units enhance your communication skills and professional competence. You learn to structure complex team processes, to generate commitment in every phase, to achieve project goals - and to remain human at the same time.

Target group:
Executives, project leaders, project staff, future executives, individuals responsible for remote management, human resources and personnel management, intercultural teams.

Seminar Content:

  • Developing international teams successfully: phases in the team process
  • Strategic use of cultural influences
  • Identifying and controlling group dynamics
  • Virtual strategies for motivating, appraising performance and securing results
  • Optimizing communication: avoiding traps
  • Diversity management: innovation through diversity