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Words have an impact. Rhetoric is the art of persuading without waffling, of achieving objectives without arguing, of making a lasting impression without going over the top. This seminar begins with an analysis of your personal profile and of the occasions at which you are required to speak. The training is then structured accordingly. You receive psychological background knowledge and acquire valuable techniques for speaking, presenting arguments and asking questions. You apply these directly in authentic situations, such as lectures and debates, with professional feedback, video analysis and one-on-one coaching. You learn how to mould a winning communication style that changes the atmosphere, opens doors and optimizes results.

Target group:
Business people, specialists and executives, anyone in a job that requires communication skills.

Seminar Content:

  • Analysis of how you and others see you: how we talk to one another
  • Your personal profile as a speaker
  • Speaking spontaneously: improvising skillfully
  • Body language: interpreting and using nonverbal signals correctly
  • Being persuasive in debates: withstanding attacks
  • Friendly but resolute: asserting your own interests
  • Techniques vs. personal style