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Presentations are about more than delivering content. We are all familiar with dark rooms, crammed PowerPoint charts and boring lectures, but hope is at hand. This seminar guides you through all the phases of a presentation, from preparation to implementation, in a structured manner and sheds light on all the aspects, skills and tricks you will need to excite your audience even more in the future. You practise giving presentations in realistic situations. As a result, you overcome stage fright and learn to stand in front of a large audience with confidence. We work with video analysis and together fine-tune your rhetoric and body language, as well as tackling weaknesses. We will also work on your presentations you have brought with you.

Target group:
Project leaders and staff, consultants, speakers, PR staff, self-employed, managers, specialists and executives.

Seminar Content:

  • Target group analysis: focusing on the audience
  • Setting your sights on your goal: getting to the point
  • Visualizing: a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Rhetoric: verbal expression and body language
  • More presence, less PowerPoint
  • Breakdown service: coping with criticism and objections