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International Conflict Management

International business produces exciting challenges, but while global markets do not recognize country borders, cultural differences erect their own boundaries. Different value systems and resulting business practices lead to conflicts. These not only cause misery for employees, they also jeopardize the success of the business. Intercultural competence is needed here. You learn from international experts at first hand how to recognize and defuse conflicts early on before any of your business partners »loses face«. You also become familiar with typical patterns in team conflicts and with suitable de-escalation strategies, so you can turn a potentially explosive scenario into respectful cooperation.

Target group:

  • Specialists and executives at all levels
  • Managers and project leaders who work in global teams
  • Self-employed and managing directors with international duties.

Seminar Content:

  • Overview of international conversational and negotiating styles
  • Self-awareness and perception by others
  • Own culture and foreign culture: what unites us and what divides us?
  • Analysis: how do conflicts arise and with whom?
  • Impact of conflicts on the company
  • De-escalation through communication