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Leben und Arbeiten in der Schweiz

Living and Working in Switzerland

Different countries, different customs . . . Anyone engaged in international business quickly discovers that professional expertise alone only leads to limited success. Additional skills are needed here since values and behavioural norms differ hugely from one country to another. Aspects such as dealing with time, quality, hierarchy or communication may vary greatly from our own notions. Misunderstandings, frustrations and conflicts are inevitable. The intensive Berlitz Business Seminars offer you know-how in bundles so you can steadily build your intercultural competence.

Target group:

  • Managers, specialists and executives at all levels
  • Entrepreneurs and sales staff with foreign business partners
  • Employees and suppliers.

Seminar Content:

  • Culture and perception, country-specific differences
  • Your country of destination: economy, politics, religions and society
  • Self-positioning: comparing own culture and foreign culture
  • Sources of misunderstandings in communication and behaviour
  • Insight into foreign values
  • Differences in work methods, concept of time and problem-solving
  • Understanding and resolving conflicts
  • Hierarchies, management and gender roles in the world of work
  • Work situations: networking, negotiating, leadership, teamwork, marketing.