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Leben und Arbeiten in Deutschland

Living and working in Germany

Different countries – different customs. Those who work internationally will quickly realise that pure professional knowledge only leads to success some of the time. Other skills are called for here, since the values and behavioural norms vary radically from one country to another. Aspects such as handling time and quality, hierarchy and respect, communication and etiquette can diverge widely from the notions we have. Misunderstandings, frustration and conflicts are pre-programmed. The compactly configured Berlitz seminars offer you bundled know-how to solidly establish your intercultural competence. This will open your eyes you to challenges, both great and small, which an international position poses.

 Target group:

  • Managers, specialists and executives at all levels
  • Entrepreneurs and sales employees with foreign business partners, employees and suppliers

Seminar contents:

  • Culture and perception, country-specific differences
  • Your destination country: economy, politics, religion and society
  • Self-positioning: comparing one’s own culture to a foreign one
  • Sources of misunderstandings in communication and behaviour
  • insight in the foreign outlook on the world
  • Differences in ways of working, comprehension of time and problem solving
  • Understanding and solving conflicts
  • Hierarchies, management and role distribution of men and women at work
  • Work situations: Making contact, networking, negotiating, leadership, teamwork, marketing